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David Banta-Garcia, a seasoned professional photographer, hails from Northampton, Massachusetts, where his journey into the world of photography began. With years of experience under his belt, he earned a B.F.A. in Film/Video from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


During his high school years, David discovered his fervor for photography, contributing captivating images to the school newspaper and undertaking freelance photo projects. 

David's approach to photography is grounded in preserving the essence of life from diverse perspectives, transforming each image into a work of art. His portfolio reflects an unwavering commitment to capturing intriguing and visually compelling elements. Whether it's the play of color, the dance of light, or the subject itself, David's keen eye for detail ensures that every photograph tells a unique and captivating story. He places particular emphasis on composition, recognizing it as the cornerstone of creating truly artistic pieces.

His work has been showcased in:

  • Student Open Photography Show @ Valley Photo Center, Springfield, MA. January 2016.

  • RAW Artists Savor Show @ Mixx 3660, Malden, MA. October 2017

  • Boston Conception Art Show @ Guilt, Boston, MA. June 2018

David has worked with:

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Our experience with David was great! My

fiancé and I are not the photogenic type. We have been dating for almost 17 years and we barley have any pictures together because I never like the way they turn out, so much so, that I was even hesitant about taking engagement photos. However, David was very professional and made my fiancé and I feel very comfortable. All I can say is that after working with David for our engagement photos, I can finally say we have some good photos of us!

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